Photo Courtesy of  Doug Friesen

Photo Courtesy of Doug Friesen

I have been actively involved in photography since high school.  Leading up our high school  yearbook photography team, I also spent countless hours out in the world around me photographing nature.  After I graduated friends started asking me to photograph their weddings etc... This soon led into a very busy part time job, which  led into having a retail store store front with a large studio and photo lab.  

It was around this time that digital made a real push into the photographic world.  I ended up selling the photo lab and working from my home, as the majority of my sessions were on location shoots I didn't feel the need for the studio space.  As I started moving forward with the digital photography world, one camera led to another, and another and 4 more etc etc... technology kept changing quickly.  I entered photo contests both provincially and nationally and have received several awards over the years for my work.

As photography continues to change and morph itself with the digital world, cameras are taking on different shapes. I used to shoot with a LARGE HEAVY medium format Mamiya 645 Pro camera with interchangeable film backs which turned into DSLRs. Although I still have several Nikon DSLRs, I won't hesitate to use even the iPhone, which is always with me.  Photography is an art and the camera is merely a tool to capture the beauty.  As an artist it's up to me to learn and maximize each tool, and use it to it's fullest potential.


Photo courtesy of Doug Friesen (iPhone 6 capture)